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Custom Brokerage  
We are Consultants in Foreign Trade and are also licensed Customs House Agents (Custom Clearing Agents). We provide consultation in Foreign Trade Policy, Customs, Central Excise, Insurance, Logistics, 100% Export Oriented Units Schemes, Special Economic Zones Schemes, and Software Technology Parks of India Schemes. Import Customs Clearance - Customs Clearance of Capital Goods, Components, Spare parts, Raw Materials for all types of Industries.

As a good Consultant, we get involved with your company from the day of planning by checking all documents like Proforma Invoice (Quotation) of Foreign Supplier, Purchase Order or Import Contract, Payment Terms, INCO Terms, Commercial Invoice, Packing Lists, Catalogues, Shipment Documents like Air Way Bill, Bill of Lading etc to ensure that they meet the Legal, Commercial, Customs & Licensing requirements.

Subsequently, as a good Custom House Agent (Custom Clearing Agent), based upon all the above mentioned documents kept ready before landing /arrival of the goods, we clear the goods from Customs within the demurrage free period.

Custom Clearance of Second hand / Recondition Machinery and Refurbishing Parts.
Customs Clearance under various types of Import Licenses like EPCG Licence, Advance Licence, Restricted Goods Licence, DEPB Licence etc.
Customs Clearance for Export Oriented Units.
Customs Clearance for Software Technology Parks Units.
Customs Clearance for Infrastructure Service Providers under STPI Scheme.
Customs Clearance for Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Developer/ SEZ Co- Developer.
Customs Clearance for Special Economic Zone (SEZ) units.
Customs Clearance of Re-imported Goods.

Custom Clearance of Duty Free Goods.
Custom Clearance of Goods under Drawback Scheme.
Custom Clearance under various licenses like EPCG Scheme, Advance Licence etc.
Central Excise Clearance
Central Excise Clearance for Export Oriented Units and Software Technology Parks (STP) Units. The services include the following:

Obtaining Warehousing License, their renewals and cancellation
Arranging Procurement and Movement Certificate
Arranging CT-3 Certificate
Arranging Re-warehousing
Inter-unit Transfer of Goods
De-bonding of Capital Goods
De-bonding of premises & Any other type of approvals.
Warehousing (Bonding) of goods in Public/ Private Warehouses

Booking Space in the Warehouse
Processing of Papers (Into-Bond Bill of Entry) in Customs for Warehousing of Goods.
Execution and Acceptance of Double Duty Bond in the Bond Section.
Reexamination & Re warehousing in the Bonded Warehouse.
Debonding the goods from Public/Private Warehouse

Processing Ex-Bond Bill of Entry in Bond Section.
Re-Examination in Bonded Warehouse.
Release of goods from Bonded Warehouse either for Home consumption or for sale or for Exports from a Bonded Warehouse
  Custom Brokerage
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